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There may be a time where experienced Kratom users notice the herbal medicine isn’t working as it should. What could be causing this? You’ve already taking into consideration dosage, factors and setting, but you’re just not getting the effects that you want. This is quite normal and nothing you need to be worried about.

There are some basic rules to help you to understand why your kratom isn’t working for you like you want and the adjustments you need to make to get that feeling you’re looking for.

Kratom Not Working for You?

If you notice that there are no effects from your Kratam use, it’s best to understand the background of this herbal plant. Inside all leaves is a natural compound known as an alkaloid. These alkaloids are what provide you with the effects you get.

When you take these substances, they get together with the cell receptors and begin a “conversation” with the sympathetic nervous system and brain. In the right amount, this can make a great impact – give you feelings of happiness and relief pain. You’ll feel free of depression symptoms, experience muscle relaxation, reduced blood pressure and a number of other benefits.

How to Get the Most Out of Kratom

Are you getting the right dose? Small amounts usually give you energetic feelings; larger amounts tend to be more sedative. Remember, everybody is different – genetic makeup, chemistry, etc. Therefore, the threshold for each gram of kratom is different. Some thresholds are as low as one gram while some people feel no effects until they hit three grams. Do a little research to find Internet kratom groups that recommend a successful starting dose and go from there.

What to Do if you Feel No Effects

It’s possible, if you’re not getting any effects, that you’ve built up a tolerance to a certain strain. Tolerances are the result of using a product too often or too long. Use of kratom for one year or more tends to give this problem.

There is one key way to not let this happen: don’t add anymore. By adding more, you just feed into the tolerance problem. You may get a sudden boost in the effects, but, in time, those effects begin to drop off one more. It’s a vicious cycle that can lead to an addiction.

How can you stave off a tolerance? There are a couple of things you can do:

• Give yourself a tolerance break. If you use kratom more than one time a day or several times in a week, slow the routine down to nearly next to nothing. Do this for a short while, then go back to the way you were taking kratom.
• You can also frequently use another strain to get the effectiveness back. It’s always best to have a number of styles on standby. Mix the strains up – leaf colors, regions, consumption, format, etc. When you vary the method, it can make a huge impact on tolerances.

The Best Quality Kratom that Really Works

If you want to get something out of kratom, get educated and you need to use the best quality products. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

• Where was the kratom grown?
• What is the strain’s known effects?
• What have others said about starting doses?

You also want to get your kratom from a quality vendor. Most people used to kratom will purchase from their favorite site such as Quick Kratom.

The majority of Internet wholesalers will offer an array of selections and provide money-back guarantees. Thus, if you find your Kratom isn’t working, you have some other options at your disposal. There’s also the case that one strain of kratom just won’t work for your body chemistry. It’ll take some time and a little patience to find the right kratom product for you and how you can use it to your gain.

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