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There have been several reports of people smoking Mitragyna Speciosa successfully. However, the majority of experts have cautioned that it’s not the ideal way to use the plant leaves. For example, it may not be cost effective. To get any of the changes and effects you want, you may need to burn a minimum of 20 grams.

Smoking Kratom Effects

It is possible to take the crushed resins and leaves of the Kratom, roll them up into the right shape, light it up and smoke them. This can be done with any natural product – maple tree leaves, oregano leaves, etc. However, it doesn’t always mean you’ll experience mind-altering effects.

Too often, people smoking Kratom to get a high tend to be disappointed when they don’t get it. In fact, they’re so disappointed that they’ll throw away their supply. It’s important you know how to properly use the Mitragyna Speciosa tree if you want to get the most absorption possible of the active alkaloids.

Alkaloids in Kratom Leaf
There are several Kratom active ingredients including but not limited to:

• Mitraphylline
• 7-hydroxymitragynine
• Mitragynine

The compounds circulate the blood, which brings them to the receptor sites in the central nervous system. When the alkaloids are sent to the right receptors, the effects felt are nearly immediate. For instance, if you smoke a cigarette, its nicotine is sent to your lungs by way of the inhalation process. It gets into your bloodstream and takes seven seconds to reach the nicotine receptors. Smoking is an effective way to get the effects of the tobacco leaves.

Can you Smoke Kratom?

When it comes to the amount of alkaloids in the Kratom leaves, there is a much lower dose than what is seen with the nicotine in cigarettes. Does this make smoking an effective way to get the Kratom alkaloids? According to various pieces of evidence, not at all! There hasn’t been any real studies done on the issue, but one can look at the unreliable evidence history provides along with user reviews.

Traditional Thailand men have never smoked Kratom, despite the fact that they have smoked other kinds of substances and know how to do it. Kratom, although been used for centuries, has never been smoked. In fact, people refer to the Thai men  “Kratom Eaters”, meaning they chew on the plant, not smoke it.
Some people who smoked Kratom said it takes about half an hour to get any effects, which is roughly 14 grams of the plant’s leaf. This is an extremely large dose if it were to be ingested. Traditionally, it takes just about two to four grams of the Kratom to feel the plant’s effects. While you can smoke it, it’s not a very effective method to get the alkaloids.

How to Smoke Kratom Powder or Extract

If you really want to smoke Kratom, you may have come across people suggesting to smoke the Kratom extract due to its higher content of alkaloids. You’ll still need to smoke a significant amount than if you were to prepare it in something. On top of that, the powerful Kratom extract powders can get costly because of the amount of requirements needed for preparations.

Some users recommend mixing the Kratom extract with tobacco leaves or other products so that smoking it can be possible. Bear in mind that the effect you get is subtler than what you see with Kratom oral consumption.

Also, you need to be mindful of Kratom smoking and the negative aspects it can have on your health. Remember, smoke – whatever kind it is – can cause damage to the lungs. Therefore, it’s much better for your sake to swallow, not smoke, the plant.

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